Automation systems will provide a reliable solution to accessing your property with ease, We are dealers for Liftmaster/Came, We will deal with the manufacturer directly for you, not leaving you in a situation where you don’t know where to go or who to contact in regards to warranty.








Expect us to produce a high quality installation.
Our 2 year service included warranty 
Means you won’t have to worry about it, That’s our Job.
And when the job is done to our standards we know it will last that’s why we are willing to stand behind our gate installations.
If your gates are down we know you rely upon your gate,
And we are here to back you up when you need us.
We know why people buy our gates, It’s because Driveway gates are our passion.
We have invested in ourselves to create the ideal driveway gate for home owners and businesses.
Custom metalwork was our initial begining with this business after 5 years of developing Masuk metal design as a Ornamental metal fabrication shop.
We as a business decided this was the part of the industry we wanted to focus on.
We take pride in our process we have honed in on and focused on exactly what customers want and need in a driveway gate.