Swing Gates

A single swing gate is large single leaf gate that spans the entire driveway, it requires only one motor and it allows for a simple installation of a maglock on one side typically its used for privacy type gates and smaller width driveways

A double swing gate is primarily used on estate gates as it has a fantastic effect like wings opening typically a double swing gate is comprised of two mirror image gates

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are a sliding gate with a integral track they use a large counterweight/ foundation to “cantilever” off of this design reduces problems with ground tracks such as debris, Track wear/ damage,
a cantilever gate can typically move quicker per linear ft as the track has little imperfections and is generally a smoother ride.

Sliding Gates

A sliding gate is used either by personal preference or by space requirements such as within tighter city limits or in driveways where the loss of space is not acceptable to the client.

It requires the gate have enough room to fit beside the area it runs in. A sliding gate is only as good as the foundation its placed on.

MyQ Automation

Monitor and Control Your Home Anywhere, Anytime

MyQ® Accessories let you take full advantage of your MyQ®-Enabled Garage Door Opener or Gate Operator. By tapping into the power of your Internet Gateway, you can monitor and control your home’s or business’s garage door, gate or lighting from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

We care about the final product more than anyone else. If every gate looks the same how can you tell who made the gate.

We take pride in our work. We want people to know we go the extra mile to make our gates better and more unique.

This is why we put on name on every gate.